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Here’s some hump day happiness to help you make it through this week alive.

Your subtle revenge at work today is watching this punk rock anthem, by the lads of Mighty Boosh, on company time.

Which brings us to the next point… The lyrical content in this live performance clip is NSFW, so you may want to wear headphones while exacting your subtle revenge, unless you work where it’s still acceptable to play humorous punk rock anthems about repeated acts of defecation loudly.

According to Liam Murtagh (quoted from Facebook), "Everyone is posting on tumbler. Like, people I don’t know. SO WEIRD… I believe we have gone "viral"…" with this cover of electropop duo La Roux’s Bulletproof.

We suppose AzKaos is “everyone” too…

So enjoy this energetic ska version by Liam and the Ladies… and reblog the infectiousness to further the midweek mayhem. 

Country and Western meets Punk Rock in this “clash of cultures” comedic film short by Mark Lynall. 

The result is either brilliant, or brilliantly stupid, depending how you feel about culture clashes that include a rousing punk version of Kenny Rogers’ Coward of the County and Anarchy in the UK done up as a countrified line dancing number. 

Oi! Oi! Oi! indeed…

Semen and Buttfunkle is Ryan Avery and Dave Driscoll both "doing manly type things with (or to) each other while a "Simon and Garfunkle" song plays a symbolic message in the background."

Semen and Buttfunkle is awkwardly amusing guerrilla theater infused with a subtle melancholy.

Semen and Buttfunkle is self-described as "a performance art based group specializing in the love men have for one another."

Semen and Buttfunkle is the art of manliness subversively sprang to life on stage.

Semen and Buttfunkle is what it is.