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Whatever Happened To… Miss Rikki Lee?

Az Kaos’ formerly-known-as-head-editor Miss Rikki has taken over the airwaves with a weekly broadcast Closet Radio.

Her debut show (archive-streamin’ here) includes cuts from Arizona-grown The Mission Creeps, Slime and the Boobytramps, and Calabrese, along with what else you might expect (Frankengirl by Screeching Weasel f/ Dr. Frank, The Cramps’ Zombie Dance), and maybe not so much expect (Memphis Exorcism from Squirrel Nut Zippers, the heebie jeebies-inducing Peggy Seeger number Henry Lee) in an episode subtitled The Rikki Horror Picture Show.

Broadcast live every Saturday (5pm PST), with more particulars to be found on the Closet Radio FaceBook outpost station.