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Tucson’s Grill and Red Room Close Tomorrow

Tucson’s 24-hour diner and adjacent music venue, the Grill and Red Room respectively, will be shutting its doors for the final time this Tuesday night (at midnight).

The joint-business has long been the epicenter of the city’s hipster weirdness and will be sorely missed. The official statement, from Red Room, reads in part, "You, our faithful clientele, have made our bar into a social institution. You placed your faith in us and your money, and you made us into a thriving bar. But we are part of the Grill, and the Grill is not a thriving business for a number of reasons beyond anybody’s control. We are still working the details out, but the bottom line is that we are going out of business… This is a sad day for Tucson, but lets try and go out with grace and style, and remember what this place meant to us, whatever that might have been for each of us.”

Both businesses are located in the heart of downtown Tucson, 100 E. Congress St., if you’re able to stop by to say your farewell in person, and - let’s admit it, you’ll want to - get that last big bowl of tater tots… to go.

- words & photos by Pete Petrisko